Connection to Minsk

On Dworzec Online you will find the train and bus connections to the Belarusian Minsk by carriers, such as:

  • Biacomex
  • PHU Stefaniuk

Connection to Minsk are performed regularly throughout the calendar year. In our offer there are many bus connections riders at different times starting from morning to late evening.

Ukraina - bilety autokarowe do Mińska Mazowieckiego

The offer of Dworzec Online are bus tickets to the Belarusian Minsk prices starting from 120 Zloty for travel from Warsaw to Minsk.

Bus connections to Minsk - list

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Warsaw >>> Mińsk Białoruski od 120 zł zobacz kursy

Searching for connection, you can check timetables, routes and times of travel and buy bus tickets to Minsk, the Belarusian.

Using the offer Dworzec Online you will find cheap bus tickets to Minsk.

Why go to Belarusian Minsk?

Start your tour of Belarus from Minsk. Visiting the capital is important, if only because, in order to better know and understand the contemporary Belarus. It is now also an important center of Poles in this country.

This metropolis of two million divided during World War II the fate of Warsaw and was almost completely destroyed. But it is a city of character with many places worthy of placing on the tourist map of every tourist.

So what is worth visiting in Minsk?

Independence Square - the Central and the biggest square of Minsk, located around the important state institutions,

Church of St. Simon and St. Helena and Vladimir Lenin's monument. Tourists also visits a large shopping center "Stolica" located in the underground part of the square. It is worth noting also on October Square and located where the Palace of the Republic, which currently serves as a concert hall and conference hotel.

Located near the museums also enchant visitors as the museum even the Great Patriotic War or Belarusian Art Museum.