5-10-15 promotion on Dworzec Online!

Flagship - summer promotion PKS POLONUS back! For the first time this year, from January 22 POLONUS bus returns to Dworzec Online favored by all travelers promotion 5-10-15.

The promotion is available on 5-10-15 Dworzec Online!!

This year, for the first time the promotion is available during the winter season! From January 23 on Dworzec Online, ticket pots will appear with prices 5, 10 and 15 Zloty for all national of PKS POLONUS. The promotion is available for all users, first come first served.

Promocja PKS POLONUS 5-10-15 - pule tanich biletów

Do you like to travel cheaply and comfortably? Travel with the Dworzec Online and PKS POLONUS.

How to find cheap tickets on Dworzec Online? Our mini-guide:

1.All promotional tickets have a special marking for easier identification. They have a promo flag and promotions check button.
Bilety promocyjne na połączenia autobusowe - oznaczenie

2. By clicking "check travel" you can see all the specials on the course.

3. If the exchange rate will fare 5 Zloty, 10 Zloty and 15 Zloty marked promotion, this means that the course is an opportunity to gain a ticket at a discounted price. bilety promocyjne na Dworcu Online

4. To purchase a ticket at a special price just select the course of the promotional ticket (same promotion will be added to the basket) and proceed according to the process of purchase.

5. NOTE: If payment with a promotional ticket is unsuccessful, it is not possible to re-purchase the ticket - a promotional ticket is lost.

How to hit the promotional ticket?

You need to be lucky and to increase the likelihood, often browse interesting courses at Dworzec Online. It is also worth to watch fan page fanpage PKS POLONUS and Dworca Online to know where pools of promotional tickets will appear

We encourage you to travel and look for cheaper tickets for  5, 10 i 15 zł.

podsumowanie zamówienia z biletem promocyjnym

Rules of 5-10-15 Promotion

- Promotion applies to courses of PKS POLONUS
- Pool of tickets is limited - "first come, first served"
- 5-10-15 promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and rebates and trade law
- Promotional tickets cannot be reserved

Terms of 5-10-15 promotion:

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