Discount codes

In the Dworzec Online system, you can get cheaper tickets through the discount codes. With the discount codes you can get cheaper bus tickets by 10%, 20% or even 50%..

How to get discount codes?

Discount codes can be earned by taking part in competitions, being a fan of our Facebook profile, subscribing to the newsletter and otherwise dependent on carriers

How to use the discount code?

Discount codes can be used in connection with the promotion designation. When you expand the available promotions, just check whether the list regards a promotion for discount codes

kody rabatowe, jak znaleźć kursy z kodami rabatowymi

Entering the discount code

After selecting a course, select promotion on discount code, then type in the box and press "verify." The correct code entry results in a message and a reduction in the ticket price

kod rabatowy na kursy PKS

How do discount codes works?

The individual discount codes may be applicable to all the connections of given carrier, on selected connections on selected courses, as well as on selected courses narrowing specific days of the week, weekends or holidays. All discount codes will have a description of their use and effectiveness scope.