Refunds tickets

1. There is a possibility of return tickets purchased by the service (cancellation of the contract of carriage) before starting the journey.

2. Pursuant to art. 17 paragraph 4 of the Act of 15 November 1984. Transport Law (Journal of Laws of 2012, item. 1173 consolidated text.) The traveler:
a) who withdrew from the contract of carriage, or
b) which was not allowed to carry or removed from the truck (this applies in particular to persons threatening the security or order in the transport or onerous for travelers) are entitled to reimbursement for the unused appropriate provision of transport after deduction of the balance (fee). Deductions shall not apply if the traveler withdraws from the contract of carriage for reasons attributable to the Carrier.
3.  In the case of disposal of the return ticket at least 10 minutes before departure for reasons attributable to the Passenger service charges fee in the amount of 20% of the ticket value. Refunds of tickets through the service are possible at the latest 10 minutes before departure. 

4. In the case of tickets purchased by the another websites client has to refund ticket by website where was purchase ticket.